Link to the show: Young Adult Movie Ministry Episode 23 on Substack
Release date: December 16, 2020

Movie of the Week

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965), directed by Bill Melendez
[Currently only available with a subscription to Apple TV+]

Who the Hosts Are This Week

Sam is a half goat, half demon creature who punishes naughty children at Christmas. Alissa is the angel on top of the Christmas tree… or maybe she’s Santa.

Special Guest

Emily VanDerWerff is a critic at Vox, the first TV editor of The AV Club, co-author of Monsters of the Week: The Complete Critical Companion to The X-Files, and host of the mystery-comedy podcast Arden. (Emily says she is Sally Brown, the materialist screaming for tens and twenties.)

Other Mentions

christmas tree

Rockefeller Center Christmas tree from Wikimedia Commons, CC-SA 3.0 license