Link to the show: Young Adult Movie Ministry Vol. 2, Episode 8 on Substack
Release date: November 2, 2021

Movie of the Week

Poltergeist (1982), directed by Tobe Hooper
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Who the Hosts Are This Week

Sam is reporter-at-large, editor of Forever Wars, and TV person. Alissa is Vox’s film critic and author of the upcoming book Salty. She is also a surprising amount of goop.

Other Mentions

What we learned today

Alissa: Do not dig your pool where there is a cemetery. Secondly, if you pick up your silverware and it’s suddenly bent in other directions, just leave. Also, watch Evil on CBS because it’s very good.

Sam: Latex and corn syrup are a potent combination and can be used around the house to amuse your friends and family. Also, don’t let your kids set too close to the television set.

Teddy Ruxpin doll