Link to the show: Young Adult Movie Ministry Vol. 2, Episode 7 on Substack
Release date: October 29, 2021

Movie TV Show of the Week

Midnight Mass (2021)
[Streaming on Netflix]

Who the Hosts Are This Week

Sam is editor of Forever Wars, reporter-at-large, and mysterious minister. Alissa is Vox’s film critic and was a baby, but now she’s gone.

Special Guest

Andy Levy is a commentator and humorist.

Other Mentions

Lots of discussion specifically about the show, not too many references out, but there are still someā€¦

What is the moral to this story?

Alissa: If you go to church regularly and you take communion and discover that you no longer need glasses, or that your wrinkles are disappearing, or that you’re less grey, you should back away slowly and go somewhere else. Find some Episcopalians or something! Also, blood is important.

Andy: #1: ACAV (All Catholics Are ). #2: Buy some damn As for your church sign. Especially if you’re having AA meetings! #3: I want to see Hamish Linklater in a Nick Cave biopic, ASAP.

Sam: If you live on an island, at least have a speedboat, or have an escape route.