Given that the second season is being released as “Volume 2”, I have retroactively designated the first season as “Volume 1”.

  1. You Should Write a Book About That (Movie: The Late, Great Planet Earth)
  2. Nylons Suck (Movie: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader)
  3. The Next Manger Over (Movie: The Life of Brian)
  4. It’s Gonna Stay Right There in Your Heart (TV: McGee and Me) (subscriber-only)
  5. He Died Doing What He Loved (Movie: The Exorcist; Guest: Jason Zinoman)
  6. Sullied by Monotheism (Movie: The Story of Ruth; Guest: Lyz Lenz)
  7. An Extra or a Principal (Movie: Hail, Caesar!; Guest: A. O. Scott)
  8. In Heaven, Everything Is Dogs (Movies: Heaven Is For Real, All Dogs Go To Heaven) (subscriber-only)
  9. What Normal People Wear (Movie: Saved!; Guest: Jessica Valenti)
  10. Why Are You Following Me? (Movie: Silence; Guest: Bilge Ebiri)
  11. Intrigued by the Guillotine (Movie: A Thief in the Night; Guest: Elizabeth Spiers)
  12. Noir 101 (Movie: The Maltese Falcon; Guest: Jamelle Bouie)
  13. Swords AND Sandals? In This Economy? (Movie: The Ten Commandments; Guest: Caitlin Mae Burke)
  14. How I Love You, You Are the One (Movie: Higher Ground; Guest: Justin Chang)
  15. The Omega Effect (Movie: The Omega Code; Guest: Sarah Jones)
  16. God’s Gonna Run You Over (Movie: God’s Not Dead; Guest: Josh Gondelman)
  17. The Hopeless Machine (Movies: Hereditary and Midsommar) (subscriber-only)
  18. Christwashing Trump (Movie: The Trump Prophecy; Guest: Tara Isabella Burton)
  19. Divine Comic Horniness (Movie: Oh, God!; Guest: Alan Scherstuhl)
  20. There’s a Bad Word in the Bible (Movie: Hoomania)
  21. Bread Alone (Movie: Babette’s Feast; Guest: Jeffery Overstreet)
  22. I Was Promised A Wonderful Life (Movie: It’s a Wonderful Life)
  23. The Cheeriness That We Are Expected to Feel (TV: A Charlie Brown Christmas; Guest: Emily VanDerWerff)
  24. Dribble the Ball, Kirk (Movie: Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas; Guests: Kevin T. Porter and Caroline Ely)
  25. The Best Movies of the Worst Year (2020 year in review) (subscriber-only)
  26. Taxi Pastor (Movie: First Reformed)
  27. Modest Pixie Dream Girl (Movie: A Walk to Remember; Guest: Katelyn Beaty)
  28. Dinnae Tread On Me (Movie: Braveheart; Guest: Tyler Huckabee)
  29. A Merrier World (Movie: The Hobbit (1979)) (subscriber-only)
  30. Theodicy Speedrun (Movie: mother!)
  31. The Five People You Meet In Hell (Movie: Constantine; Guest: Dylan Scott)
  32. Circolwyrde-Generated Imagery (Movie: Beowulf; Guest: Ethan Campbell)
  33. Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing? (TV show: The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City; Guest: Penny Lane)
  34. More of a Comment Than a Question (Movies: Cameraperson and Dick Johnson is Dead; Guest: Eric Hynes)
  35. Release the Schraeder Cut! (Movie: The Last Temptation of Christ; Guest: Isaac Butler)
  36. The Standing Fishes Bible (Miniseries: Good Omens)
  37. Mom Let Me Sleep In… Forever! (Movie: Left Behind: The Movie)
  38. St. Joan and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (Movie: The Passion of Joan of Arc)
  39. [Whispers to date] “That’s the resurrection” (Movie: Alien: Resurrection; Guest: Sarah Welch-Larson)
  40. Thigh Guy Summer (Movie: Black Narcissus; Guest: Jessica Winter)
  41. Tales From the Crisper (TV series: Veggie Tales) (subscriber-only)
  42. Notes on Church Camp (Movie: A Week Away; Guests: Emily VanDerWerff and Cassie LaBelle)
  43. Mortified (Movie: Saint Maud)
  44. The Shadow of the Torturer (Movie: ZERO DARK THIRTY; Guest: Spencer Ackerman)
  45. Good Music, the Flesh, and the Devil (Movie: The Devil and Daniel Johnston; Guest: Greg Thornbury)
  46. You Wanna Talk to God? (Movie: Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark) (subscriber-only)
  47. I’d Buy That for a Dollar (Movie: Robocop; Guest: Mark Russell)